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Monday, May 9, 2011

Google Celebrates Roger Hargreaves 76th Birthday with Several Doodles

Today when I opened Google.com to search something. I found a new colorful Doodle of Mr. Forgetful. I noticed, the mouse hover note, as Google said: '76th Birthday of Roger Hargreaves: Mr. Forgteful'. I searched what I was looking for and closed the window.

Then after some time for some other search I opened Google. & surprise!! This time there was a different Google Doodle for celebrating the Birthday of Roger Hargreaves. Very soon I figured out that each time you open Google home page there is a new doodle with a different toon character created by Mr. Roger Hargreaves & this time Google has made a doodle for each of the characters created by Mr. Roger.

Following are few of the Google Doodles I found with every refresh:

Google Doodle seems to have tried to cover all the characters of Mr Men & Little Miss Series.
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  1. Why are Google's home page changes a news event?!


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