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Friday, September 26, 2008

Love: Lion & Men

Nice Videos to explain the relation of love that animal never forget, whether they are close to you or away. a MUST WATCH CLIP !!

The real Story goes like this : "The two men in that video found a cub and they look after it from its childhood till it become a young Lion, then they decided to leave him to enjoy his deserving wild life in Jungle with other animals. after more than a year when they again met the same Lion, whom they were in great confusion whether or not it is going to recognize them, they were the happiest person in the world (you can see their joy in the video), when the Lion came and showered his love on both of them, by hugging the men and kissing them."

A true Heart felt story, which shows if you really love somone and care of him with pure it would never forget you and will shower back the same love and care for you too. :-)

See how caring the animals about Love than the human being.

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