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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beware as Twitter: 'Gone Phishing'

 Twitter Twitter Blog: Gone Phishing - As mentioned on the twitter blog, Twitter have caught phishing scam. Yes twitter Users from yesterday have been reporting spam direct messages from other users with link to a twitter look alike site which asks you to login and if you ignore the URL at address bar and enter your Username & Password .. 'You'r Hacked' !!!

Twitter have caught phishing which was being circulated through DMs ( Direct Messages ) last night. Even I've got a similar DM.. at around 8 AM today "Hey, i found a website with your pic on it... LOL check it out here http://twitterblog.access-l..." from one of my twitter friend. Thanks to twitter admin who posted the message about this at the home, which even helped me, otherwise i wud have checked the #Phishing link sent to my DMs. And I hope no one in my followers list at twitter have recevied such DM from me. :| ! So before clicking on a suspected link sent you in your Direct message box Beware Tweeples.

Update 12:30 PM, 04 Jan 09: It seems as twitter have now controlled that phishing issue, as the warning message they were showing has disappeared now also that DM, containing the link to phishing site has been automatically deleted now. :) , Cheers Twitter !!

Update 11:30 PM, 05 Jan 09: Got another direct message (DM) quoting - "fixed it.. hehe here is that blog i wanted to show you http://twitterblogs.access-logins.com/login" . That means twitter is not yet completely recovered from that phishing issue, so you guys need to take care and check twice before clicking a link in your DM from a friend on twitter as well as before logging in using your twitter user name and password with any look alike site of twitter.

however today I noticed another warning message displayed at the user home of twitter- "Warning! Don't sign in to fake Twitter.com from a DM. Read more on our blog." which indicates the same as i mentioned above.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I wish there was an easy way to stop these spammers and hackers. I wish on them all sorts of nasty punishments.

  2. Yeah right Tony, it would b great if there was an easy way, but these hackers are always 2 step ahead.., yet not long, they do get caught soon :)


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