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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Key to Successful Blog

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3Cs concept for successful blogging:

Key to Successful Blog A blog is the best Web2.0 social media tool to interact with your audience and spread the word. But until a blog succeeds to grab audience attention its useless to have it in place. For making a Blog really successful, you need Three Cs:
  • Content (Unique & Communicating)
  • Consistency (Frequency)
  • Closeness (Stick to your niche)

This is the basic concept for a particular blog, and in fact the first two Cs are a must for successful blogging.


Content is the most crucial part of the blog and for successful content, the blogger should keep in mind, the following Five Cs

  1. Completeness: The content of the blog should be complete in all aspects, whether in explanatory term or in grammatical term.
  2. Conciseness: Content of the blog should be summarized as far as possible, so that it doesn’t create any boredom for the viewer.
  3. Clarity: As far as clarity is concerned the content of the blog should be clearly written and explain without the use of any misleading or difficult words, so that it can fastly grasp the viewer’s attention and lately their mind.
  4. Concreteness: The content of the blog should be concrete, rigid and specific.
  5. Correctness: And lastly, proper care of grammatical errors, punctuations should be taken care of so that correctness of the content can be clearly defined. Also to add this proper mode of communication should be taken care of.

No doubt Content is the 'King'... anywhere whether a blog, site or forum, The Unique content does Miracles, but when you are talking about the blog, it matters more, cuz there are hundreds and thousands of blogs lying on the web. And people don’t want to read something they have already read somewhere. This is another reason for the content to be ‘Unique’ to create interest into the visitor with something new and different.

This eventually creates a trust factor towards the blog as well. Place yourself as a visitor for a moment and think …when you find something new and interesting you would love to bookmark it or visit the blog again for something new… isn’t it? That interest lets the user stick to the blog post. Also the content should be communicating. The talking content keeps the audience out of boredom.


The consistency is another crucial thing. The more frequent you post, the more it keeps your blog alive and happening. If a user returns to your blog after 5 or 10 days to read something new but finds the same post hanging there, it might never return to the blog because of the lack of new posts.

The consistency shows how much a blogger is involved with the blog. In other sense, we can say how much a blogger post new content on the blog. A consistent blogger time to time ads new, latest and valuable information so that the user is in touch with current trend. A blog unposted for a long time seeks no valuable data for the user.


While posting a blog, blogger should keep in mind that the content of the blog should be as far as possible close to the specific niche of his blog concerned. The information should not lag behind the objective of the blog as unnecessary information will make blog uninteresting for the user and will also deform the useful information. The Closeness can be defined as how close you keep your writing to your niche while writing new posts for your blog, it compiles all the posts related to one topic.

The blog can make its place as a resource for that particular topic & user will return every now & then for its any query regarding that topic. So these 3 Cs can work miracles for your blog to bring bulk of Traffic.....

I wrote this post originally for the blogging contest in Veda Informatics.
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  1. Congratulations on a very clear, concise and complete (yes, I can use all "Cs" too!) article.
    This is a helpful guide for us bloggers.
    Best wishes

  2. This is an easy to read, but concise article with useful information. We may know this information, but it helps to be reminded that if we expect others to enjoy our blog, we need to take good care of it as you mentioned.
    Even though we may think that if we narrow to a certain niche that we are excluding potential prospects, it usually works in the opposite manner and brings more traffic to us because we have committed to a very specific niche.
    Thanks, Becky Joubert, http://www.beckyjoubert.com

  3. I love how you broke down the steps to being successful at this. I believe my biggest problem is consistency, but that's about to change. I noticed a decline in visits when i don't post for awhile and i have to really network to get those viewers back and gain new ones. If i were just consistent, i wouldn't lose my viewers and i they will tell their friends and family.

  4. Hey all, Thanks for the Comments !
    @Tony Yes even I myself find it difficult to be 'Consistent' due to lack of time. and that' really directly proportional to the increase/decrease of the visitors.
    oh more related comments ppl can find here :

  5. Awesome Tips, quite easily explained, Good work


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