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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sergey Brin Starts Blogging

Sergey Brin have started blogging, with his personal blog http://too.blogspot.com/. Hey, If someone is asking who is 'Sergey' I must say you are not required to read this blog entery,, you can leave right now :D lol,, but if still you want to read on,, okey,, let me tell you Sergey Brin is one of the creator and founder of the well knowned Search Engine Google: Google.com

Today when i started working on my PC i found new post from Matt Cutts http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/sergey-starts-a-blog/ , this was when i came to know sergey have created his own blog. Hmm its nice to see Mr. Sergey Brin going live on blogspot,, :-) but, he’ve certainly chosen difficult to read color theme., it hurts.. :( , But its okey as Sergey have clearly mentioned this is his personal blog,, may be he is writing it as his personal diary, and he loved the color combinations that actually indicates his inclination to loneliness with this blog, as i felt.

And i don’t think that one of the creator of the strongest Search Engine is not aware of the simple blog optimization techniques, that can bring his blog SERPs, as he’ve used a title like ‘too’ for his blog (and strange this subdomain was still available :P ) also his latest blog post name LRRK2 and other things too, prove it to be very un optimized blog, i thought Sergey is doing some experiment on his own with this blog,,as he is bloging like a novice,, just like i did few years back. :D )..

But hey wait wait wait ,,, you can clearly see Sergey's love to rel="nofollow" , that he have put on the links from his blog post at the end "For more information on Parkinson's Disease see these organizations I have supported and worked with: Michael J. Fox Foundation, The Parkinson's Institute",, Him well Mr. Brin is certainly not a novice, i'm sure either he is writing it as his personal diary, or he is just trying to experiment something with blogs.

One can (a 007Bond like me ;)) ) can certainly notice the time diffrence between his blog posts, i.e:
* First blogpost that is without a title - "Posted by Sergey Brin at 12:00 PM"
* Second blogpost related to parkinsons - "Posted by Sergey Brin at 12:01 PM"

Well, Whatever its nice to see Sergey blogging.. and 'm looking forward for some more interesting blog posts from Mr. Sergey Brin. Cheers Sergey,, Hope to see more from you in future..!!

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