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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Comment on Who came out ahead in Microsoft-Yahoo deal?

I just posted a comment on one of the posts at Matt's blog: Who came out ahead in the Microsoft-Yahoo deal? and then thought this comment is bit too long and a bit interesting and should get a place here on my blog as well ;-) lol so here you go (Oh, yes, here I can discuss bit more than in that comment):

I Just don't understand why the hell most of the people over here started voting Google, without even having that as an option. Hey you die hard Big G lovers.. Don't you see Matt didn't put Google in the vote options, STOP flattering him with irrelevant votes. (Yes, I love the G too, but that doesn't make sense to move out of the topic!!, however I'll also move off the topic a bit at the end of my comment :P )

Yes for me Both of them the Microsoft and the Yahoo! are the winner, at some points MS wins and on some other Yahoo! However I've voted here for Microsoft, because at first they look to be the winner, but when you see into deep you see Yahoo is also going to get benefits. But I really feel if they keep improvisations and come together with some drastic changed plans on the search advertisement front as well, It may be a threat to Google however, not in near 3-4 years, but surely after that, (however I know Google never sits dumb, so there G may strike again :D )

And yeah those suckers who are talking about the search results, let me tell you, most of the people I know have regularly started using Bing n its not that they stopped using Google, but see what I'm trying to tell you that Bing has started intruding the market of Big G.

Also even I've noticed the results on some front Bing gives more relevant results than Google, meanwhile its true that Bing is not yet as intelligent and wide as Google. I mean if you ask Google about the current time in New Delhi, It will tell you the Current time and then the other relevant results, But Bing has not grown up yet to show you the time, yet they show the relevant results as well. Common you know Bing is still a baby, but yeah it has born with some intelligent so just watch it grow (if MS fead it with the right food :D )

ah, what I wrote this long comment? that I generally don't do :( , hmm so now I plan to post it into my blog post as well ;-)(yeah, 'm a lazy blogger :P ) !!
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